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By Callum Wilson 18:41, 26 OCT 2017

At DS Barden we are absolutely delighted to have helped Connor and his family on a very special build, donating our labour and having many many supporters of various trades people doing the same.  We couldn't be happier to provide a forever home which is suitable for Connor's long term requirements.  Read on to see what Kent Live thought of this build.....

chasing connors cure

After months of tireless work, Connor Crawford and his family have stepped into their beautiful new house following renovations from a Tonbridge building film.


Connor Crawford, from Hildenborough, was diagnosed in February 2016 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, which affects just one in 3,500 boys in the UK and has no known cure.


Dan Barden, owner of D.S Barden, stepped in when it became apparent that Connor’s home was going to need various adjustments to deal with his disease.


Generous Mr Barden provided the labour to adapt the Copse Road bungalow to accommodate his needs, including wider door frames so Connor can access the full house when he is eventually wheelchair bound.


Other features include an enormous track round the perimeter of the garden, to ensure Connor can live life to the full and enjoy his back garden like any other little boy.


Boasting a huge ‘under-the-sea’ canvas, handpicked by Connor, his room will serve purpose not only a brand new place to live, but provides a custom fitted wet room, complete with the sea theme.


Last year the youngster's family launched the charity Chasing Connor's Cure to help raise money to fund research into the condition, but this year have had to move into a bungalow in order to help provide for his future needs.


Having saved the family around £135,000, the building contractor has helped make the dreams of the family a reality.


Mr Barden said: "I have known Connor's dad all my life really and went to school with him, and when I first heard what Connor would be going through I couldn't think of anything worse and wanted to help in whatever way I could".


"When I heard his family were having to move into a bungalow which would need to be adapted, I decided that with my business being in a good position this was my opportunity to help."



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Longmead Football Stadium, Darenth Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 3JF

chasing connors cure