The Benefits of Garage Conversions in Sevenoaks



DS Barden are builders, based in Tonbrodge, and we supply services for homeowners in the area by utilising underused spaces and expanding their properties. Garage conversions, like loft conversions, are used to meet these requirements. Our builders and roofers are able to turn any garage in Sevenoaks into a living or work space within days rather than weeks.


Garage conversions give you additional living space and a chance to clear all that junk you’ve been storing for years. Swapping old bikes, magazines and clutter for a new gym, a bedroom, an office or even a brand new bathroom for your Sevenoaks home is something our builders and roofers can help you with.


We think garage conversions are a great way to not only give you the room you need to expand, but also to add value to your home. As families outgrow their living space, we find that rather than move to a bigger place, most Sevenoaks homeowners would prefer viable alternatives like garage conversions or loft conversions.


The cost of our garage conversions is relatively cheap and our builders and roofers are able to supply a very competitive price for any work taken out at your Sevenoaks home.



Bespoke Loft Conversions in Sevenoaks


Loft conversions are carried out in the same vein as garage conversions by clearing an underused space to make room for growing families. The work is carried out by our own roofers and builders, who work from the outside rather than the inside to clear the loft and turn it into a bespoke room for your Sevenoaks home.


Whether it’s a playroom, bedroom, bathroom or office you are looking for, our builders and roofers are able to help you achieve quality loft conversions at a price you can afford. Loft conversions in the Sevenoaks area are said to increase a home’s value by up to 15%.


 Also, unless there’s a complete structure change to your house, you won’t need planning permission. Our roofers and builders are highly experienced and will make sure that all loft conversions or garage conversions undertaken blend in with the existing décor rather than looking like a cheap add-on. Our work in Sevenoaks is fully insured and guaranteed.



For more information about garage conversions or loft conversions for your Sevenoaks home, contact DS Barden today on 01732 770259.



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