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For the vast majority of homeowners around Tonbridge, their property is the single most valuable and important asset they have. And like any investment, it’s important to foster and protect a home to ensure it retains or builds value. There are many ways to boost the value of your home, from house extensions to loft conversions, garage conversions to property renovations. Our team of highly qualified, experienced builders, roofers, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters are able to deliver all of the aforementioned home improvements. On this page, we’ve talked a little about each one, and how effective they are in increasing a property’s value.


Ways to Improve the Value of Your Tonbridge Home


House Extensions – One sure fire way to improve the value of a property is to invest in house extensions. However, it is often one of the most expensive home improvements you can opt for. Adding an extra room to your Tonbridge home, or extending a room significantly, can add around 11% to its total value, according to property expert Phil Spencer writing in the Telegraph.


Conservatories, a popular sub-division within the house extensions category, add around the 7% mark. Obviously, this fluctuates depending on how good the job is. If you choose our team of builders and roofers, who have delivered countless house extensions around Tonbridge over the years, know you’ll be getting a quality job done at a very competitive rate.


Loft Conversions – Another fantastic way to grow your investment is through loft conversions. There are many different types that our builders can carry out, chiefly dormer, hip to gable and mansard loft conversions. Each is suited to a different type of attic space. Research carried by finance website and Mail offshoot This is Money suggests that well-executed loft conversions add 10% to the price of a Tonbridge property. What’s more, you’ll be able to maximise the space within your home through making use of an area traditionally neglected and left to be storage.


Garage Conversions – Very similar to loft conversions, in that you’re transforming an often ignored area into an essential part of your home, garage conversions often don’t require planning permission and are a fair bit cheaper than full-fledged house extensions. This makes them a very affordable and realistic home improvement, which once finished, could give you a spare bedroom, new bathroom (we’re also expert bathroom fitters), or any other kind of room you can imagine. How you use the space is completely down to you.


Property Renovations – Moving into a home that could do with some comprehensive TLC? As our team encompasses roofers, builders, kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters, meaning we cover all bases, there are few companies around Tonbridge as well suited to delivering property renovations. Purchasing a “project” home and transforming it from a £250,000 property to something worth double that is something that many people dream of doing. But property renovations aren’t reserved for ancient, ruinous properties – if your Tonbridge home is starting to show its age, and could do with a fresh lick of paint and everything else, they’re a fantastic investment to make.


Extra Bathroom – Ever considered adding an extra bathroom to your property? If you have the space, it’s highly recommended. Property group Movewithus have found that calling in bathroom fitters to this end adds around 6% to the value of a Tonbridge property. Not only that, but they’re extremely useful in busier households that find their bathrooms suffer from the occasional queue, during peak hours. As your local bathroom fitters, we take great pride in knowing our handiwork is going to help reduce the chance of an early morning argument, between two family members who need a good amount of time to get ready to leave the house!


Brand New Kitchen – Our kitchen fitters are called into all sorts of properties around Tonbridge, from real “fixer uppers” to homes with nice, but slightly dated kitchens. Kitchens are key features that can single-handedly change a house hunter from a “maybe” to an emphatic “yes”. They also add ~6% to a property’s value, according to Movewithus. If you’ve always wanted an excuse to call in our kitchen fitters, then knowing you’re making a long-term investment you can immediately enjoy the benefits of, should certainly suffice!


New Roof – If your roof is crumbling and decrepit, it may be a big turn-off for house hunters when you come to sell-up. It’s no surprise, an aging or structurally compromised roof is subject to leaks, damp and similar problems, which can prove expensive to put right. So it could be a good idea to call in a team of skilled roofers, like the one at DS Barden Building Contractors in Tonbridge, to build you a brand-new modern roof. This is Money believes you can make 63% return on investment by doing so. Certainly nothing to sniff at.


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